Antenatal reflections

Whether you are trying to conceive or pregnant, Adeline will accompany you with reflective questions and meditations. You will learn about the transition into this chapter of your life called Matrescence. We hope you will feel empowered as you enter this new phase : Motherhood.

Evolve together ebook

An introduction to Montessori education and matrescence. These are my two domains of work and they go together so well as I love accompanying both mother and child during these first 6 years.

Mama Holiday 911

Sign up for tools and support from Adeline herself during the holidays. Watch the video to start the Holidays on the right foot. Then, you can leave your phone number to Adeline and she will be contacting you on whatsapp or signal so you can have texts conversations with her. Ask her questions about specific situations whenever you need support, reassurance or just some positive affirmations that will help you through this time of the year. Happy Holidays Mama!